7 Tips to Rejuvenate Winter Skin

Cozying up next to the fire, having a hot cup of tea and staying in out of the cold to binge-watch your favorite shows are just a few of the wonderful things about wintertime. What isn’t so fun is the dry, brittle skin that develops as a result of winter’s harsh cold temperatures. After a full winter season, most people experience skin issues ranging from dry, chapped lips and cracked, chafed skin. The great thing is, you can help your skin counter-attack the cold fronts with some great skincare regimens. These small acts of self-love for your skin can help your skin return to its natural glow after winter and even aid in diminishing dry skin during the season as well. For the best advice on how to keep your skin healthy and happy, check out these 7 tips to rejuvenate winter skin. 

Drink tons of water and fluids

The simplest way to increase the hydration of your skin is to increase the hydration of your entire body. 8 to 10 glasses of fluid a day is recommended. This can include all water, or you can also incorporate tea and sparkling water. 

Moisturize multiple times a day

It is pretty standard to moisturize once a day. But one essential method to healing dry skin is to moisturize twice, if not three times per day. 

Exercise regularly

Toxins and debris constantly build up in our pores and on the surface of our skin. Working out and activating sweat glands will encourage the body to naturally detoxify itself, and pull out toxins from the skin surface and below. 

Use a humidifier in your house

Because you need warm air to heat your house–and your windows are likely close to keep out the cold air– your house will typically be filled with trapped, hot air during the winter. This can make the conditions inside your home extremely dry. To replenish moisture back into your environment, use a humidifier regularly and your skin will definitely feel the difference. 

Hydrate your lips

Ever wonder why your lips get more chapped than the rest of the skin on your body? This actually happens because the skin on lips is a lot thinner than the rest of the skin on your body, putting it at an even higher risk of dehydration. So every time you get ready to moisturize yourself, don’t forget your lip balm!

Exfoliate sparingly during winter

Although exfoliating is great for skin health, it can actually be counterproductive during the colder months of the year. The harsh irritants of exfoliating scrubs can worsen dehydration and aggravate already sensitive, worn skin during winter. A good rule of thumb is to exfoliate just about once per week during winter and to utilize a softer, less acidic exfoliant. 

Don’t over-wash your face

To ensure you do not dry your face out even more than will already happen naturally during winter, stick to only washing your face once a day–preferably at night. Switching to a gentler oil or water-based cleanser can also help preserve the skin’s luminosity and hydration. 

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