10 Easy Hair Tricks From A Professional Stylist

Going to a hair salon is as fun as it is expensive and sometimes we just don’t have the time or resources to visit a professional hairdresser. Yet you shouldn’t despair! Although hair stylists are trained to make your hair look splendid, there are some things you can actually do yourself. You just need a little bit of knowledge and some spare time to take care of your beautiful locks. Here are 10 easy hair tricks from a professional stylist every woman should know.

Many women complain that their blonde hair becomes yellow so fast. There are a few tricks one must know to save your dyed hair: always use protection products when styling your hair, especially with a hairdryer; use shampoos and nutrition masks meant for dyed hair because the usual shampoos will wash out hair colour faster.

Try colour peeling as it is less damaging for your hair than decolorization or lightening. It’s fast and can help you avoid any mistakes with colour shades. Hair dying can be pretty traumatic for your hair, while colour peeling is a more controlled procedure and can be done several times to achieve the necessary result.

We’ve all had that unpleasant feeling when our hair roots hurt. There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing this: you might have done some aggressive procedure like dying your hair, which can make your scalp feel uncomfortable; your hair is dirty; you’ve changed hair position; you’re using tight hairpins, hair bands, and hairstyles that arrange your hair against its natural direction.

Avoid hair polishing. Yes, last year was all about this seemingly easy procedure, but truth is it the device that makes your hair look so smooth actually hurts it pretty badly by cutting both damaged and healthy hair. As a result your hair becomes thinner and the whole effect lasts for no more than one week. It really isn’t worth it!

How to avoid split ends: moisturize your hair regularly; say no when a hair stylist suggests to use thinning scissors as it causes split ends; don’t brush wet hair and use protection products before curling or drying your hair; get your ends cut once in a few months.

If you’re thinking what shampoo to use a professional or a regular one, here’s a quick tip – a shampoo from the supermarket can give your hair volume and will make it look good, but you always have to use a conditioner to make your hair smooth and the risk to have dandruff is quite high; a professional shampoo is less aggressive, takes care of your scalp, and doesn’t require additional conditioning. The price is much higher, though!

If you want to make your hair shiny, use a hair mask to get all the nutrients and then a conditioner to have that extra shine.

A general tip for drying your hair – if you want to use a hair dryer you should always let your hair dry naturally for a bit first and only then use a dryer with cool air. This will help you avoid damaging your hair. Otherwise letting your hair dry naturally is the best option.

If you’re using any hair products you should always wash your hair twice. The first wash will remove all the hairstyling products and the upper layer of grease from your scalp and roots, while the second wash will give your hair all the nutrients from the shampoo, conditioner, or mask you are using. Also remember that you don’t need to rub the hair – it will get damaged like this. Rub your scalp lightly as this is the place that gets dirty the most.

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