9 Biggest 2020 Haircut Trends

2. Let your natural hair free

In 2020, we’re putting down the hot irons and waves and picking up nourishing haircare items that will let those natural locks thrive. The theme of the year is textured, so whether that means tousled hair or tight coils, we’re kicking the over-styled, sleek look to the curb for now. Celeb stylists suggest enhancing your natural style with hot tools rather than eliminating it entirely. Use curl-friendly conditioner and shampoos that are fortified with nourishing oils and humectants such as coconut and shea butter, as well as products that help define your hair’s natural shape.

3. Beach waves

Not all of us were blessed with Yara Shahidi curls, so for those with fine hair that is more on the straight end of the spectrum, beach waves are all the rage. All they need is a solid texture spray or a dry shampoo, eliminating the need to cake on multiple styling products. Priyanka Chopra has perfected her beachy waves, which she styles to look more piecey, but if you prefer a more cohesive look, that can be easily accomplished as well. Use a flat iron to accentuate when needed.

4. An updated shag

Shags were popular a few decades ago, but they’re coming back for medium to long hair, since they fit right into that tousled feeling that is the overarching hair theme of 2020. A shag is basically a cut with layers around the crown, and choppy ends, but the contemporary version makes sure you don’t look like a dude in a hair metal band. Integrate it with messy bangs and loads of texture for the perfect “modern shag.” Alexa Chung is a dreamy example of a shag queen.

5. Soft curtain bangs

How could we mention a shag without doing a comprehensive follow up on just bangs? While bangs are a bold move and not for every face shape, if you can pull them off, this is the year to go for it. Curtain bangs give off that cool, vintage feeling and can frame the face beautifully. Our timeless go-to example is always Brigitte Bardot for eternal curtain bangs inspiration. This style of fringe is very low-maintenance, and if you don’t like it as a forever look, it can be grown out into layers that frame the face and compliment every shape or hair type.

6. Farrah Fawcett layers

This hair goddess dominated the 1970s with her gorgeous feathered hair, and was the first to introduce women to a softer, relaxed way to wear their hair. Thanks to this late icon, the cut is coming back in 2020. It requires shorter layers around the face. This long-layered cut is flattering to so many different face shapes and hair types. It’s the ultimate choice for longer hair as it can create more bounce and add body, Feel free to combined the Farrah-do with curtain bangs if you’re looking to spice things up. Enhance shape and volume with a curling iron for a new-age rendition of the cut.

7. The pixie cut – short and choppy, or slicked back

Less hair means more freedom, and the 2020 pixie cut is another protest against the excessive length that we’ve seen for the past few years. For the slicked back pixie, our inspiration is Ruby Rose. It’s a slightly boyish, and is worn in a gelled back, high fashion look. This look does bring a startling amount of focus to the face, but it simply screams confident sophistication. Enhance with some high-shine pomade and style with a deep side part, combing back. This look can also be worn with less product or a more textured direction, complete with ringlets and all.

8. Rounded fro

For natural haired girls, the rounded ‘fro is the most impactful look so far. Not only will it keep coils and curls revitalized and nourished, the rounded shape and lion cut entails cutting or trimming the natural curls into the roundest form naturally. If your hair grow in this shape, kudos, but many women need to trim their own hair to create this rounded shape, adding volume but allowing you to maintain softness. Tracee Ellis Ross is the best example at the moment, and you can even buy products from her own haircare line to mimic those envious locks. You can add a slight fringe to cover the forehead, if desired.

9. Blunt cut

Whether this means shopping your hair to a short blunt cut, or just adding a blunt end to longer style, the one-length cut is being modelled by the likes of Awkwafina and Kim Kardashian. Although the wavy, multi-layered trend is covering runways and magazines, this blunt cut is a more polished take, which still fits into the year’s hair theme of structure. In a sea of shattered textured cuts, stand out from the crowd with blunt, non-layered and thick lines that make just as much of a statement. Add a high-shine spray to complete this stunning look.

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