What Kind Of Ear Piercing Should You Get?

Most people have
piercings, and the most common ones are ear piercings. Depending on the country
and people’s beliefs some parents pierce their kids’ ears when they’re still
toddlers, others wait until they go to school, some of us get our earlobes
pierced as teens and others wait even longer. But in most cases people don’t
really think much of earlobe piercings, they’re considered to be safe and very
common. Now when it comes to getting other parts of the ear pierced – that’s
were myths start spreading. So let’s talk about the kinds of ear piercings and
what each of them looks like.

Types Of Ear Piercings 

There are several types of ear piercings. They differ based on what part of the ear you’re getting pierced – the lobe or cartilage. The pain level also varies depending on the placement and so does the healing time. You also have to take care of those piercings differently. The general rule is to keep it clean and leave it alone, but for each of them, there’s a different amount of time you have to wait to be able to change the jewelry.

Ear Piercings Names

In general, there are 6 main piercings: helix, industrial, rook, conch, tragus, and lobe, obviously. But if you want to get into the specifics and name them all there’s also the forward helix, the anti-helix/snug, the antitragus, surface tragus, and upper lobe piercing, not to mention the orbital, the auricle and dermals.

Cute Ear Piercings

Earlobe piercings have been very popular for ages, but lately, upper lobe piercings have been very trendy too. You have to admit they look incredibly cute with those tiny earrings. Same goes for cute little helix piercings, especially if you choose small yet intricate jewelry for it, something like a minimalist gold band or something with a sparkly tiny gem in it.

Cool Ear Piercings

All piercings can look cool, but we think the industrial, daith, tragus, in particular, are the coolest looking ones. They’re not quite as vanilla as lobe piercings, and while they do take a while longer to heal the result is truly impressive. But in the end, it’s all about attitude.

Unique Ear Piercings

When it comes to unique piercings we think the unusual variations are what sets them apart, so while a helix is cool, a forward helix or a snug is more unique. Same goes for anti tragus and the orbital. Dermals are very unique, you rarely see them on people and when done by a professional they can look very dainty and beautiful.

Whole Ear Piercings

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one kind of piercing, you can get them all if you want. We suggest you don’t do many at once as that can be really painful, cause your whole ear to become inflamed and will take a long time to heal, not to mention that sleeping on that side will be impossible. However, if you do them one or two at a time, getting your whole ear pierced from lobe to helix can look very stylish.

Most Painful Ear Piercings

All piercings hurt, it’s just part of the process. You’re literally making a small hole in your ear and that warrants some paint. But depending on the placement the pain can be minimal to quite noticeable. Piercing the cartilage is generally more painful and takes longer to heal, with the rook, tragus and conch scoring mid to high on the pain threshold.

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