10 Best Gray Hair Color Ideas

Getting gray hair isn’t always easy – unless it comes naturally to you. Whether you have natural grays or it’s a look you’ve been dying to try out, the right silver look will make you stand out from the crowd. Gray is the color of wisdom, elegance, and class. Here are our favorite ways to wear the look.

1. This look is a modern take on ombre that really brings silver hair to life. It goes from a dark, sultry gray to a silver dip dye, and it great for initial experimentation with gray hair. Kylie Jenner has tried the look, and while it works best with long hair, you can add in some extensions for additional length or volume.

2. This look blends light gray, platinum hair with neon green ends. The ultimate edgy girl cut, this color will earn you tons of compliments, but it’s only for the bold. This look might not look as classy on long hair, but the length and that subtle wave make this a top contender for 2020.

3. How could we forget gray ‘dos on natural hair? This icy look is Fifty Shades of Gray and some more. We love the side detailing paired with the bevy of black, silver, and gray curls on her head. Tight ringlets make the look more dynamic, but natural hair needs pre-lightening treatments and conditioning if it’s not naturally gray.

4. This look is so clean, but screams baddie! We adore the clean and sophisticated lines of the bob, which starts with black roots and continues into the front while the outer layers ombre into a metallic silver shade that is oh so chic. The color application on this is impeccable, so be sure to take it to your stylist instead of DIY’ing at home.

5. As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to experiment with infusing some color into your gray hair. We adore the pastel ombre job that makes rainbow hair oh so approachable. Suggested for shorter, choppy cuts like this one, because you might look a little too Disney mermaid if the length gets to be excessive.

6. How exactly was this dynamic balayage created? By only doing a blend of white and black shades. The result is this stunning metallic balayage, which has a lot of depth and requires no gray dye. Ideal on tousled hair so you can really see all the tones shine through.

7. It’s absolutely possible to play with salt and pepper hair without going full-on gray. Take this approachable look, for example. The gray is almost infused with blond, and starts around the brow-line, while roots stay dark. This way, you can hide the gray if you do a ponytail or up-do, but we suggest letting it all hangout and doing an ombre fishtail braid!

8. A gorgeous way to rock gray hair is an icy tone on a pixie cut. You can play with texturizing the hair to make it look choppy, giving way to a stunning ice queen look – you can opt for silver or nearly white, as this babe did. Pair dark roots with longer layers in the front that frame the face, if possible.

9. This Blake Likely lookalike is wearing her long gray hair similar to the way Kim Kardashian did. The look is almost a blend between platinum, blond, and grey hair. The light nature of it is less jarring than an intense silver shade, which makes this a dreamy transition for anyone going from blond to silver. It can be worn through every season.

10. This isn’t your teenage daughter’s rebellious blue hair – instead, this blue is infused with a glacial tone that screams arctic beauty. It can be worn on any age group or hair type, and since certain hues of blue naturally meld with gray color stories, it can be an organic way to stand out from the crowd slightly, but not too much.

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